Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ES - 24 July, 2012

Yesterday I set up my IB account with a paper €100k starting balance (minimum required to trade margin securities).

Today was the first day of trading it.

During the day, I did not post any trades because:
 - In the first half of the day, the market did not reach my hourly set-up. At this stage, my trading was pure scalping through the mood and the very short-term proportions at pre-lunch gyrations;
 - Then, the market caught me by surprise, breaking before lunch to the downside, through various supports. I took a few counter-trend long trades along the way, with modest draw-downs, that I was able to average, based on my projections of potential extensions.

Average entry size was 5 e-mini contracts.

Realized P&L was €2,009.

I am carrying a 1ES long position overnight, because the early-week corrections have lately allowed a subsequent rise for the rest of the week.


  1. nice post.

    not sure what to think right now. I thought the market was about to crash down hard. But the guy from http://sentiment-trader.blogspot.com.au thinks we are setting up for an xmas rally and I love to listen to him as he has had some insanely accurate calls over the last few months!

  2. Hi Chip,
    Not sure about the xmas rally, I lean towards a xmas flush,

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